Tuesday 8 December 2015

Matti's wife needs a name!

Some of you might saw the first appearance of Matti's wife in my Independence day strips. I've been thinking about a good name for her but since I got a good bunch of Finnish Nightmares post cards I decided that I'll combine two things and set up a little competition.

How to participate?

Write a comment under this post or send a mail to finnishnightmares(at)gmail.com. Include following details to your comment/mail:

Your suggestion for Matti's wife's name:
Your own name:
Your email (if you send a comment and not an email):

Don't worry - the comments are set to be private. 
I will not publish your email address or full name or store them for any purpose after this competition has ended.
Every single comment and mail containing personal details are deleted after the competition. 

The Prizes

I will choose three best names for Final poll. From all of them who have suggested those names I will draw three persons who will receive 
a signed Christmas themed Finnish Nightmare card.

I will also draw one person who has suggested the final winning name. That person gets a package of Finnish Nightmares postcards containing all Finnish Nightmares cards available.

The cards!

The first phase of the competition is up from 8th December to 11th
And the Final Voting is from 11th to 14th December

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