Friday 11 December 2015

Matti's wife needs a name - Final voting

I've picked three names for the Final Voting - well technically four as one of them is a combined name. Combined name is a compromise. Maija and Liisa were really the two most popular names, but I would let Juhani Aho have Matti and Liisa as they're already popular couple in his Rautatie-novel. I wouldn't dare to compete with one of the most known Finnish authors. And besides, combined name is a very Finnish thing.

As promised I will do a raffle but since there are technically four names here I'll draw four people who have suggested the picked names and they'll get signed card from me. 

And for the winning name I will do one more raffle where one person who suggested the said name will get the card pack. 

I got soooooo many comments in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook I will randomly pick one commenter from each media to receive signed card too :)

So all in all there is 7 signed cards to be sent and one big card pack!

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