Monday, 19 October 2015


  1. I feel sorry for Matti and I laugh at the same time. It is easy to laugh when you are not kind of Matti yourself.

  2. I have helped injured even few seriously injured finnish people and that's exactly what they say if they are still conscious. Basically only after serious head trauma when they are not able to feel ashamed about what happened you can help them without them saying that they are perfectly fine.

  3. Checklist if I ever fell on my moped when I was young:
    1. Did anyone see?
    2. Is the moped OK?
    3. Am I hurt?

    1. opposed to the American version:

      1. Call your insurance company
      2. Call your lawyer
      3. If you're still alive, call an ambulance

  4. I saw someone fall over outside Stockman in Tampere. Every body stood back except one chap who went over to him and berated him loudly for being drunk in public.

  5. I slipped when I was in the Finnish Embassy, right in front of US Senator Harkin, but quickly grabbed my things before anyone could say anything .... later a member of the embassy staff said she had noticed .... this led to my quickly finding some excuse to be elsewhere (yes, in english rather than mumbling kiitos while slipping away ... I was too shocked to handle the social interaction)

  6. Hehe that happened to me. I tripped over my own shoelace and fell flat on my face in the middle of a crowd. It was bad enough that many people saw me fall, but then two women came and asked if I was ok. I just wanted to get out of there as fast as possible lol.


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