Tuesday 29 March 2016


  1. This is so true!
    Personally I'm one of those who always liked mämmi but I know other Finns who find it disgusting, lol. It's best with cream and sugar or vanilla sauce!
    I'll admit to having served mämmi to foreigners just to see their faces when I tell them that it's really common here that we think that it looks like poo, haha. Kidding, of course! They do always taste it but I've been surprised at how many actually liked it, what the heck! xD I knew a young girl from Thailand who first thought it was disgusting but later on started liking it and, whenever there was mämmi in the fridge, she would eat some when nobody was looking... I guess she didn't dare to admit that she actually took a liking to it? :'D

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  2. American with Finnish roots here. I made some for Easter, after having never tried it before. My wife cracked up laughing when I took it out of the oven, and my co-workers are horrified when they see me eating it.

    It was good though.


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