Tuesday 3 November 2015


  1. Never had this happen to me, thank Ukko, but an equal horror is if the door doesn't work or the driver simply forgets to open it for you while letting new passengers in.

    The absolute worst is when the driver forgets and there's no one getting on at your stop, so the bus just speeds on.

    Then you obviously just pretend you weren't going to get off here anyway and ride along until the next stop, praying that they remember your press then.

  2. I am always worried in the bus that the driver doesn't open the door and I need to travel further. I deeply feel with Matti!

    As a suggestion for a new comic I have the following situation, which always makes me sweat: At the office the telephone on your neighbour's desk rings and other roommates start staring at you and you are supposed to answer the phone, because your neighbour is not there. That's so humiliating!

  3. Or! You press the button at a wrong stop and you might have to yell "not this stop..."

    1. Even worse is when you want to leave at the next stop, but someone else presses the button before you do and then yells that it's the wrong stop.

  4. I drive bus here in Portland, Oregon, USA.

    Most of the time I don't mind at all if someone hollers when I make a mistake, or if something is wrong. Heck, if they don't yell, then I can't hear them. Usually I'm not offended or bothered by this. Mistakes are made, it's every day life, no problem. But, I guess not all drivers are like me. :(

    When I ride, though, I feel bad if I have to yell up at the driver, too. x)

  5. Yes. This is bad. Real bad. And specially "What is driver can´t hear you for the first time?"??????

  6. I must say I had a very pleasant experience taking a bus from Espoo to Forssa. When I first visited Finland I could speak only two words, Kippis and Kiitos, in that order. I had written Forssa on a piece of paper, and waited for the bus. Each driver said to me Ei. The fifth bus driver beckoned me aboard, and gestured for me to sit at the front. After 15 minutes he pulled into a lay-by where another bus was waiting. I was told that this was my bus.
    Apparently I had missed my bus somehow, and he rang his colleague to wait in the lay-by for me. Wow
    This would never happen in England.

  7. I live in Peru, and we always yell at the bus driver, it's part of our culture. And you have to yell hard enough so he can listen to you, haha


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